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This is a true story.... That ' accident '.... Are you sitting !!.... even started! ... My friend has always had a 'fantasy' to see me with another man.. notquite sure if it is likely that as a good fuck in real life, as we had kporno often talked about sex, and cum with the idea of ​​my other uncle. This had gone for a while to talk, and kporno very winding each other always guaranteed an amazing orgasm when it comes to our views. 've always wondered who can give us confidence, but always agree... No, there is still a fantasy.... until one night ! We were at a party.... spent the whole day, and a large amount of alcohol, drunk, but gradually, so you were not, t drunk, very funny and.. of course... a little hot.. If you want to convert.... my friend's friends... Who is a good guy, but I always thought a bit like a child! has no steady girlfriend, and loves to fuck too! talked together in a group, and started to say, my thoughts wandering to findg... mmm, I wonder if you would have to ' play' around with us I did not dare say what I think about my friend, because I do not know if I really want kporno to do it for real... pulse, but could feel my pussy and get to play with the idea of ​​wet and showing kporno my friend could not parakeet help myself, and I was flirting like crazy with him, and he was flirting back... kporno was fantastic. We talked for a long time, while I continue to flirt, and I really thought this could work, this could be a great night ! His friend went to the bar and went my boyfriend and I are together, and he looks a playful appearance ook sexy in my eyes, and asked me what I thought.. I said I could not say how you may want to fuck me there and then His eyes were as playful as mine, so I thought, shit, what the hell, and told him he was his kporno friend my eyes, and how he wants to put his fantasy into reality ? looked surprised, but interested and fullysaid he was going to stop flirting, watching from the edge of kporno space... wow, I thought.. we have a good time ! kporno my friend went, but I could feel his eyes on me as his partner returned from the bar with a drink for just him and me... as if she knew.. We talked only very close... and flirted like shit... all the time I could feel my eyes on my friends... My friend then came could not bear to see even more, and invited him to return to our home, because ' few drinks ' Yeh well said, and called a taxi and soon again at home... All we sit with a drink, and became very comfortable, while in the middle of the room, asked her to unzip her dress and let it fall to the ground, exposing my socks. There were no questions, no shame, only the emotion and feeling of sexual desire... was amazing I was there, ahead of teammate and touched my vagina was very wet with excitement, and just starting my fingers n the staRTS to unzip his pants and saw his hard cock and bulging just felt the need to suck and taste... wow, that was fuckign awesome, another cock in her mouth Mans to see my friend.. and looked kporno at my friend, and our eyes met, on his way to his cock anddown my mouth... that was so sexy then extended his hand and led her upstairs to our room... and lay down on the bed while I was sitting on his hard cock and slowly slid in my wet pussy and went up and down to my pussy as tingling in the shit, it was so awesome to get heard while my other friend was down... I could not believe that I can ride the cock mate of my friends, it was so dirty it was amazing. My friend came up to me, pulling at his companion, as I had to kiss him... Rose at weddings on the side of us, just in time to cum allover my friends cock.. Then I asked them both, masturbate on my face n I lye in bed with one side of the me.. and playing with my tits while masturbating on my face. His friend was there first, across the face and mouth, during close to my friend after kporno the same place... He had both his sperm.. lick it all up.. without knowing which was which.. mmm. experience.. both enjoyed... and hope that next time... mmmmm
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